Grant Garrison

Grant Garrison

Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Writing, Producing

About Us: Grant Garrison

Born and raised into the entertainment industry with Johnny Cash as my Godfather, I graduated High School early to enroll in the Air Force Academy but went to film school instead. I graduated at the top of my class earning all available certificates, and returned for my BA in Motion Picture and Television Production & Broadcast. I graduated on a Friday and the following Monday I went to work on Candid Camera, then on feature films at Full Moon Entertainment Studios, Dumb & Dumber, King Pin, and more. Continuing my experience in Art Department, Puppeteering, Special Effects, Miniatures and Miniature Sets, Pyrotechnics, Visual Effects, Special Prop Fabrication, Editing and more. I’ve chalked up Over 25 years of high-profile success in: Film, Television, Music Videos, Web Sites, Graphics, 3D, Pro Audio, Packaging Design, Technical Writing, Printing, Prepress, Publishing, Sales & Marketing, UI/UX, and Multimedia.

My first post on our new site!

Hello. I have been slaving over a hot keyboard to bring they guys in our band, and YOU, a brand new and improved web site with better features, easier to use navigation and more streamlined layout. I hope you like it and I hope you will register and leave comments wherever possible!

On behalf of all of US: Thank you!


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